3/8/2016     (++) Pork Belly Cubano, absolutely delicious. If it's your first time, get it. It's the best hot sandwich on Northside; the flavors     work really well together and the pork belly is in large, high quality chunks.
(+) Truffle Parm Fries.
(+) Lamb Sliders.
(+) Deep fried candy.

6/20/2016     Super dank lamb and chèvre sliders! highly recommend (also great waffle fries too) - have heard amazing reviews about the basil watermelon sangria, will check out next time!

11/10/2015      Wow!! The best veggie burger this side of town!! Even got some fancy ass arugula and avocado! My homegirl had the fish and chips and says "Excellent! Crispy and hot!" And the people here are soooo nice. What a wonderful addition to the North Bekeley neighborhood!" 

Gooooooo Veggieburgers!